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Zeiner & Zeiner v.o.s., established in 1991, is an innovative and responsive law firm concentrating in intellectual property, litigation, corporate and commercial matters.


We believe our job is to find solutions for our client’s problems, not explaining why something cannot be done.


In 1991 Zeiner & Zeiner, one of the oldest law firms of Vienna, founded in 1875, set up a second office in Prague in the Czech Republic. Since that time the Prague office has served as advisors to clients of the Vienna office while also developing and serving its own clients.

In January of 2017 Dr. Hans Georg Zeiner passed away. He always inspired us in the Prague office of Zeiner and Zeiner to meet his high standards and to learn from his examples, insights and ideas. He remains in the heart and mind of all of us and we are certain that he will also remain in the hearts of the hundreds of colleagues and friends that he had all over the world.

Although the Vienna office of Zeiner & Zeiner is in the process of being combined into the IP firm Salomonowitz Horak and will no longer exist, the Prague office of Zeiner & Zeiner will continue as a separate entity, although we will combine forces with Salomonowitz Horak to ensure seamless service to existing clients of both offices.

Zeiner & Zeiner v.o.s. provides our corporate clients with access to well trained Czech advocates operating in association with experienced international lawyers, all of whom have ready access to the extensive experience and resources of our closely associated firms in Vienna and Tel Aviv. The working languages of the office are Czech, English and German.

The firm and its Czech advocates advise and practice primarily in the areas of international commercial transactions, company and commercial matters, intellectual property protection and enforcement, unfair competition, aviation and real estate. 

Long-standing client relationships are a good measure of a firm’s success in meeting the needs of a client for legal services. We pride ourselves in developing continuing relationships with clients and counsel that are productive, professional and collegial. We do, however, consider our client relationships as confidential and therefore do not publicly present details of specific transactions as well as the name of our clients.

Zeiner & Zeiner has always been and intends to remain an independent firm and has slowly grown to its present size by lawyers, who in most cases started in the office and remained as partners. The firm works on an international basis with a large network of long established relationships with law firms and is a member of Legal Network International.



Innovative, Timely, Expert Assistance